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Custom Cover Design

In cost effective quantities, we can provide complete custom designed covers or incorporate logo's into our existing cover designs.


One of our distributors asked us to design a cover that would illustrate various types of potential first aid situations and also be an exclusive for his company (Safe Cross First Aid). The cover on the right was the result.

Custom Guides and Manuals

We can provide a completely designed and written guide or manual to your specifications.

Sample Front Cover
Sample Back Cover

First Aid Response CardFirst Aid Response Cards

The First Aid Reponse card is used where cost or space, or both, are the prime considerations and only - used in first aid kits.

Size is 3-1/8 inches x 3-3/4 inches.
English only 4 pages folded - Bilingual 8 pages folded.

For sample page - English.pdf and French.pdf.

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