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The First Aid Pocket Guide

"The most comprehensive, detailed and complete Guide for it's size available in the market place."

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Your Pocket First Aid Guide

The 'First Aid Pocket Guide' consisting of 64 page (32 English & 32 French) plus separate customizable cover, is packed with first aid directions for the trained first-aider and lay person alike.

Your 'Guide' has been reviewed and approved by doctors and paramedics, and meets the guidelines for CPR provided by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada. Presently printed in both French and English, the Guide will be available shortly in English/Spanish to meet the needs of our U.S. customers.

Fund Raising

The guide is an excellent fund raising vehicle because of its usefulness to the recipient, relatively low cost per unit and flexibility for customized covers to gain further exposure for the non-profit group. Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Team Sports and School Fundraisers are all examples of organizations that could benefit from using the Guide for a fundraising vehicle.

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Sample Guide Pages

Sales Promotion Tool

The Guide is an ideal give away for any company selling a safety oriented product or service. It would also work well with products/services in the health care field.

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